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It’s My Place

It’s My Place is an exploration of finding your place as an immigrant. Having lived in Durham, a relatively small city in North East England, for many years, I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. I found myself in a new city and a new country and once again having to find my place. This move was particularly hard for me, as superficially it was similar to being in England, but you barely had to touch the surface to discover it was hugely different….different systems, different laws, different approaches to life. I investigated what is really important as an immigrant: how to communicate; how to integrate; and, recognised that wherever you are you can do something, contribute something.

Ecce Homo! II, 2008.

Life size, cast glass with printing inclusions, photographed by Voyt Zyzny

The solo exhibition It’s My Place II was exhibited at the Old College, University of Edinburgh.

The solo exhibition It’s My Place II was exhibited at the Old College, University of Edinburgh.

Alongside my solo work, I also worked with a number of other immigrant artists, supporting them as they explored similar themes. This culminated in a group exhibitions: It’s My Place I at the Craigmillar Art Gallery, Edinburgh (August 2008) curated by Goshka Bialek and Razem, at Rocket @ Demarco Roxy Art House (August 2008) which was curated by Gemma Bentley.

Workshops, exhibitions, openings.

Photographed by Ania Urbanowska


Goshka Bialek