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Reflection was selected by the Iranian Ministry of Culture to be put on permanent display in Tehran. Reflection was first sited next to the Ministry of Culture offices before being moved to its permanent home in the Iranian Art Museum Garden.

Iran has one of the longest and richest histories in the world. Tehran is one of the cities where you can actually touch and feel this rich history, and really learn to appreciate it. However, Tehran, like many other historic cities, is striving to follow the western ways and become a modern city. This may result in the endangerment and deprivation of Tehran as a city with its own individuality and history, and make it just another modern city amongst the rest, losing all its beauty of a unique historical city. My sculpture should remind people of the building’s existence and its charm. The sculpture itself is in the shape of a staircase narrowing towards the top, made of glistening metal like a mirror. It is reminiscent of modern architecture but also reflects an ancient historic structure or building reminding people of the unique history in that place. The historic images reflected in the modern structure will remind people about the past glory and will ensure that such a historic place is not forgotten.

I International Sculpture Symposium in Tehran, Iran; 2007

Focusing on three central themes of science, art and spirituality, the Tehran International Sculpture Symposium was the first art event of its kind to have taken place in Iran. 15 international and 7 Iranian artists were invited to produce works that were then placed within the city of Tehran, as part of a public art works programme.

Goshka Bialek