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Icelandic Girl

I visited Iceland during the summer and was surprised and inspired by what I saw there. I expected extremity and harshness: I did find these but also great beauty and a huge amount of life. I was really struck by the colours of the landscape: both from the vegetation and the mineralisation caused by natural phenomena such as geysers. I was also struck by the beauty of the young women I saw: full of life with perfect skin that has barely been touched by the sun. Following an invitation by the British Ambassador in Reykjavik to represent the UK with my work, I created Iceland Girl based on my observations of and reactions to Iceland. They were exhibited as part of my solo exhibition, Light-ning, at the British Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland (2002).

Icelandic Girl I

Cast and slump window glass
Photographed by Tim Adams

Three Graces

Pate de Vere cast glass
Photographed by David

Icelandic Girl II

Cast and slump lead glass,
Photographed by David
Goshka Bialek