I taught at secondary schools, colleges of further education, a prison and at a university. I have PGCE (QTLS) and PGCE (PCET) teaching qualifications.

I have been invited to give lectures and workshops for students of Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Poland). I teach them how to incorporate glass in sculptures and I supervise final year projects.

Projects in secondary schools

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In 2001-2005, I run school activities which aimed at introducing GCSE and A level students to glass art and technology. The projects had obtained funding from the Northern Arts, Paul Hamlyn Foundation Art into Education grant, the schools involved and Local Educational Authority. 17 schools in County Durham and Sunderland were involved. The emphasis was on hands-on activities with each student making their own mould and glass piece. I also taught them how to write on glass using engraving tools. 

Qutations and opinions:

“Very good. Children enjoyed idea of having a final personal outcome of their own hand. They looked forward to seeing their hands in glass. Explanations were good and children followed instructions well. Safety aspects were covered, i.e. use of glass paint and clearing up, and care of paint.”
Jill Radley, Art teacher, Bishop Barrington School

“It was really interesting and gave me a different way of looking at glass. Making the glass hands was the best part. Goshka really helped us and made it worth learning.”
Fiona Sangster, Pupil of King James I, Community College

“I have enjoyed this project, learning how glass is made.”
Levis C.

“I enjoyed the sitting with my hand in plaster. It was a very enjoyable experience.”

“I enjoyed making the glass hand. It was a bit hard to paint it but I enjoyed it.”