Variety of metal inclusions

Gallium 99.9% inclusion in hot pouring Cristalica Glass
Self-Psychoanalysis I, II & III, 2017;
Glasma glass with metal inclusion with prints, ink drawings;
Photographed by Joanne Howell
Flowing memories, 2017;
Float glass, 6 sheets 6mm thick, fused with inclusions: 0.5mm thick nickel with ink drawings on surface; in a wooden frame
The applications of metals with glass in the production of jewellery;
Photographed by Tim Adams.

The applications of metal inclusions in glass in commercial use

Innovative applications of variety of metal inclusions in glass objects (for artists), particularly nickel, gallium, lead, tin and their alloys. 

The process of including different kinds of metal has meant that different methods have needed to be explored. Nickel with its higher melting point requires a less complex approach than gallium, lead and tin alloy, which have a lower melting point than glass. Both nickel and lead and tin alloys are compatible with glass for use as insertions but both have different challenges that have been addressed in this research.

For more details please see my PhD thesis “Inner Space in Sculpture; the use of metal inclusions” ( )