The Mechanism of Celebrities, The City London Academy, London

In the second quarter of 2014 I was invated to exhibit in City of London Academy. I decided to show my installation “Mechanism of Celebrities” which refers to the phenomenon of artificial creation of fame.

The Artist in residence in The City of London Academy 2013 (in progress)

Students and staff learnt about casting and slumping glass techniques.
Students produced sculptures in glass which were a part of the research and a part of their A2 portfolio.
Students learnt about anatomy of human body and preparation of design drawings Students’ design drawings.
Students learnt how to prepare project to produce public sculpture Trial design for final sculpture

Exhibition of sculptures and residency
Isleworth & Syon College, London (2007)

Mr Renton, Curriculum Leader of Creative Arts, invited Goshka to the school. Consequently, she agreed to be the artist in residence for a week, one day of which she devoted to supporting artistic activities with Czech- and Polish-speaking students. She introduced them to the creative processes involved in the production of kiln-formed glass sculpture. With the enthusiastic gifted and talented group, Goshka showed them how to produce three-dimensional metal sculptures, working on the theme of the human figure, creating a one and half life-sized figures using metal rod welding techniques.