Photographed by: Daria Nikitina and Denise Kuzniecov (Денис Кузнецов)  
Photographed by Tim Adams

6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow 2015

As a part of the Parallel Program of the VI Moscow Biennale, the artist Goshka Bialek (United Kingdom, Poland) was presented a sculptural installation Revision of Borders – Tolerance at the gallery „Tunnel”. Following the main theme of the Biennale „How to gather together? Acting in a center in a city in the heart of the island of Eurasia”, the artist calls for tolerance from the first moment of creation of the installation, inviting discussion, cooperation and even joint creativity. Guests can take part in a formation of the exposition during the opening of the exhibition. The subject of discussion is a central symbol of the installation – the cross. Despite the simplicity of the symbol, the cross has been an attribute of many different cultures and religions. This suggests that the basis of the cult are in the laws of the human psyche that are common to all peoples. It is a universal sign yet it is controversial, sometimes invoking polar feelings – good and evil, the adoption and rejection. The author offers an escape from the stereotypes to see the complete picture. But at the same time she calls for the right of everyone to see the symbols of our world in their own way.

Goshka invited international students form three Moscow Academies of Arts to cooperate on a mural which was the background for her sculptures. 25 students from different cultural and religious backgrounds had to negotiate with each other a space for their religious symbols and design composition of mural as one work.

Tolerance installation at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow

The installation is now displayed at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech – dubbed “Russian MIT”), Moscow. This year Skoltech is moving to a new campus and I was asked to design a permanent installation for the new location. Opening of the exhibition in the new buildings: 10th July 2019.